How do you get your product or service ‘out there’ so that you can attract customers or clients and start earning money? The answer is: digital marketing. This is an ever-growing field that incorporates setting up a website, starting a YouTube channel, harnessing social media, understanding Google Analytics and putting your plans into a streamline online marketing strategy. Having a business presence on the Internet has become a necessity in our interconnected world. Alison’s free online digital marketing courses teach you how to effectively promote your organization, reach a wider audience and increase brand awareness using various online strategies.

Our free digital marketing courses are perfect if you are just starting out and need to know the basics. There are no enrollment or subscription fees, and you can take as many as you like at no charge. If you’re stuck on a certain part of your marketing strategy – like doing sentiment analysis or using marketing insights to plan your next steps – come back to Alison to do more in-depth courses on specialist topics. All have been created by experts in their fields and allow you to study in your own time so you can fit ‘learning’ into your ‘living’.