Individuals – Career & Professional Development Needs

Whether you are a student or you want to enhance your skill for a better opportunity, we are here to help you! We offer the course for free!

At Pixelpearl Training we impart knowledge with practical experience of working on real-time projects.   You spend nothing but your time to gain knowledge and earn remuneration while working on our clients’ projects and propel your career forward and get noticed too!

Enterprise Training

Pixelpearl provides Teams in large organizations customized training packages that can include single course to custom training packs containing any combination of our courses in our training catalogue. Contact us to speak with one of our specialists.

Enterprise Training Benefits

  • Our global culture today is about adaptability, speed and accuracy, and convenience. Organization’s professional learning and development opportunities should be, too. With digital learning solutions from Tech Training Academy, content is available at your employees’ fingertips when they want or need it.
  • Our course catalog is updated automatically to ensure employees are up to date with the latest technologies.
  • Best-In-Class Course Content – employees will have access to a proprietary LMS system and have access to over 150 courses. This includes professional certification training that would enable employees get globally recognized certifications with practice exam prep materials included with no extra charges to the organization saving the organization money.
  • Training packages can be customized providing organizations the opportunity to train new employees quickly and reduce technical support costs.
  • Employees have unlimited access to all our courses they can complete within their own time.
  • Employees receive certificates of course completion at the end of each course.
  • Team Admin and Reporting features include admin access to manage employee accounts and usage reports as well as receive transcripts.
  • Powerful reporting features are included in the LMS that enables the organization to evaluate leaning gaps or technical strengths.